About Us

Zero Emission Energy is a leading company engaged in establishing biogas plats having its headquarters in Palanpur, Gujarat. Zero Emission Energy was founded in 2015.

  • We at ZEE are engaged in designing , manufacturing and operating biogas production projects. Inspired by nature, ZEE combines energy efficiency with long-term sustainability, benefiting both business and the environment.
  • We offer technologies for production of energy from pharmaceutical waste, solid organic waste, agricultural waste , industrial waste and biomass.
  • We design , manufacture , deliver , install and operate all types of biogas plats i.e. Flexi biogas plants, Mid-sized biogas plants and Industrial biogas plants as per the customers requirement.

Why Zero

Our Solutions

We offer extensive tailored solutions in waste management, segregation and treatment, including plant set-up and management

  • Solid waste management systems
  • Water Recycling and Sewage Treatment Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Environment Management Plans
  • Biogas plant setup for Individual and Corporate institutions
  • Zero Discharge Systems
  • Recycle and Reuse Solutions
  • Biogas plant setup for Pharmaceutical industry to manage pharmaceutical waste.

Our Products

  • Office: +91 82380 59938
  • Inquiry: +91 82380 59937
  • Care: +91 98252 94808
  • B/h Gadhawala Hospital
  • Nr. Kirtisthambh
  • Palanpur - 385 001
  • Branch Office:
  • B-54, Guru Industrial Park
  • At & post-Motap
  • Mehsana, Gujarat