Zero Emission Energy

Our Vision

Our Mission

Zero Emission Energy is a leading company engaged in establishing biogas plats having its headquarters in Palanpur, Gujarat. Zero Emission Energy was founded in 2015.

25,000 cum (in units)









The gas generated as a product of anaerobic digestion of organic materials has the potential of providing a devolved , sustainable energy supply for the burgeoning rural sector in developing countries.

Why should we go for Biogas?

Why Zero

Our Solutions

We offer extensive tailored solutions in waste management, segregation and treatment, including plant set-up and management

  • Solid waste management systems
  • Water Recycling and Sewage Treatment Solutions
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Environment Management Plans
  • Biogas plant setup for Individual and Corporate institutions
  • Zero Discharge Systems
  • Recycle and Reuse Solutions
  • Biogas plant setup for Pharmaceutical industry to manage pharmaceutical waste.


Industrial biogas plants

Biogas is called as the energy of the future, just as waste will become tomorrow’s gold. Portable Biogas Plants or digestors not just fulfil the purpose of managing a family’s waste hygienically and safely, but can also address their energy requirement. We manufacture biogas plant for pharmaceutical industries to create more productivity and run machine by using pharmaceutical waste.

Waste Collection

Waste collection, primarily the sourcing of solid, wet and dry waste is a significant part of the waste management cycle. Successful solid waste management is one that seamlessly manages the storage, collection, transport, segregation and final disposal of waste.We understands the difficulty and complexity associated

Compressed Biogas

Compressed Biogas–Generation,Purification & Bottling Bio-CNG is the purified form of biogas, without other gaseous impurities. It is very similar to natural gas in its composition and energy potential, is a renewable energy source, eco-friendly and can replace LPG and CNG easily.It is also very cost-effective to produce, making it one of the cheaper fuels.

Wastewater Treatment

Waste water treatment – treating water unfit for human consumption – into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle or reused is an essential step towards ensuring that we maximize the use of this resource.we applies its globally recognized technological expertise to extract waste water’s full value..

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